The History of the location

Worthington Industries in Kienberg, Austria has been setting worldwide standards in high pressure cylinders production for over 80 years. We began our production under the name Heiser and in 1998 became part of Worthington Industries, Inc. Today, the facility employs over 400 people and is one of the most popular employers in the region. Our products are in service throughout the world and are to be found in over 70 different countries and all continents.

Our record for reliability, integrity, safety and attention to detail is unparalleled among cylinder manufacturers. As a full-range supplier of seamless steel and composite high pressure cylinders, we are your valued partner for high pressure gas distribution, CNG automobile retrofitting, and automotive OEM applications around the globe. If your application involves a cylinder, your first call should be to us!

About Worthington Industries

The current location of our facility has a long tradition spanning over hundreds of years, beginning as a handicrafts workshop into a modern industrial facility.
  • 1817 - Company founded by Josef Anton Winter through the purchase of three forging workshops dating back to the 16th Century
  • 1849 - Takeover of the company by Josef Heiser
  • 1911 - Company sold to the Reitlinger brothers
  • 1920 - Production of the first steel cylinder
  • 1967 - Production of porous mass for acetylene cylinders begins
  • 1986 - Introduction of high strength steel cylinders
  • 1992 - Modification of the porous mass to the asbestos-free type (HEISER-ECO)
  • 1992 - Facility receives ISO 9000 certification
  • 1995 - Delivery of the first composite cylinders
  • 1998 - Worthington Industries purchases the company
  • 2005 - Facility receives ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certifications
  • 2007 - Facility receives ISO TS16949 certification
  • 2014 - New facility for porous mass products
  • 2017 - Facility celebrates 200 Years in Kienberg