What we make here

Industrial gas companies around the world rely on our gas storage expertise and wide range of products, including high and low-pressure cylinders.

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Well known for industry leading light weight, large standing base, Longlife Powercoat System, and superior optical appearance, our high pressure cylinders are the preferred choice for gas distributors worldwide.

Industry leading light weight, large standing base, Longlife Powercoat System cylinders.

Our forged, seamless steel cylinders are high porosity, monolithic and asbestos-free, our porous mass filling ensures a consistent gas release for all acetylene applications.

Lightest and safest steel CNG cylinder, reliability and customised dimensions have made Worthington the preferred supplier of CNG storage tanks on four continents.

Favourite breathing air cylinder for all producers of breathing equipment. Our 6 litres 300 bar steel cylinder for breathing air has one of the industry’s best volume/weight ratios at only 7.1 kg.

Retail Products

Worthington markets a complete line of joining technologies products made by professionals for professionals. Our torches, fuel, solder and brazing products are precisely engineered, quality tested and safety assured for guaranteed performance.

Complete line of liquid nitrogen freezers, refrigerators, dewars and shippers for the life sciences, health care and animal husbandry markets.